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    Just Some Evidence Of Lady Gaga Being The Nicest Celebrity Ever

    Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping...

    Lady Gaga is a total class act, and over the years she's proven herself to be one of the nicest celebs in Hollywood — especially when it comes to respecting her elders.

    A closeup of Gaga

    In the past two weeks alone, Gaga has shown just how kind and genuine she truly is, and it's definitely not the only moments she's done so in her career!

    A closeup of Gaga

    Please enjoy these instances of Gaga just being a really nice person:

    1. Gaga literally got down on the floor to help SZA with her dress after losing a Grammy to her.

    Gaga holds the train of SZA's dress while she walks on stage

    2. She was so kind to Liza Minelli as they presented at the Oscars together.

    Gaga and Liza stand on stage together

    3. And any interaction she's ever had with Tony Bennett has been so heartwarming!!

    Gaga and Tony stand on stage together

    4. After her dog walker was attacked, she invited him to live in her home while he healed.

    5. Gaga is also about to launch a free online mental health course to help young people going through a tough time.

    6. She often recognizes fans' creativity — and actually hires them!

    A closeup of Gaga

    7. And, of course, she's made an incredible amount of charitable contributions!

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    Global Citizen / Via

    It's hard to forget how philanthropic Lady Gaga has been over the course of her career, donating millions to different charitable causes throughout the years. Back in 2017, she even contributed $1 million to relief efforts during the hurricane season. 

    And early during the COVID pandemic, Gaga helped organize One World: Together At Home, a global broadcast special that helped raise $128 million for frontline healthcare workers and the WHO. 

    “I feel very honored to be a part of the World Health Organization and Global Citizen in the fight against COVID-19 and raising money for the Solidarity Response Fund. I care so much about all of the medical workers that are putting their lives at risk for us right now. I think of them every day, I pray for them every day, and I’m also thinking of all of you that are at home, who are wondering when this is all going to be different," Gaga said during the broadcast. 

    Share any lovely experiences you've had with Lady Gaga in the comments!!