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    Kylie Jenner Finally Confirmed That She's Pregnant With Baby Number Two

    Stormi is about to be a big sister!

    Kylie Jenner finally confirmed that she's expecting baby number two!!

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    After weeks of speculation (and some very in-depth fan theories), Kylie shared her pregnancy news with a sweet family video on Instagram.

    Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images for Netflix

    In the touching clips, Kylie gave a glimpse into the early days of her pregnancy, including what appears to be moments after telling Travis Scott the news.

    @kyliejenner / Via

    The mom-to-be also shared intimate footage from doctor's appointments, where Stormi can be seen watching on from nearby.

    @kyliejenner / Via

    Of course, there were plenty more clips of Stormi just being straight-up adorable.

    @kyliejenner / Via

    Later in the video, Kris Jenner can be seen being surprised with the news when Stormi presents her with photos from an ultrasound.

    @kyliejenner / Via

    And on top of all that, Kylie even gave a close-up look at her growing baby bump.

    @kyliejenner / Via, @kyliejenner

    While Kylie concealed the entirety of her first pregnancy, it looks like she's ready to share more with baby number two on the way!

    Congratulations to Kylie and Travis!!

    Rich Fury / Getty Images

    Watch Kylie's entire announcement below.

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