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    Kit Harington Had A Hilarious Response As To Whether He'll Let His Son Watch His Risqué "Game Of Thrones" Scenes One Day

    "I'll be like, 'You don't like watching it? Well, tough luck."

    Kit Harington doesn't mind if his son watches Game of Thrones one day.

    Kit attends an event

    In fact, he's all for him binge-watching the series when he's old enough — even if that includes some of the more raunchy scenes.

    Kit, who married his GoT co-star Rose Leslie, joked that his son wouldn't even be here if it weren't for the show — and that's exactly what he'll tell him.

    Kit and Rose attend an event

    According to Kit, he'll say something like, "Look, I mean, you can just be thankful that it happened because otherwise you wouldn't be here."

    Kit attends an event

    "So that will be it. I'll be like, 'You don't like watching it? Well, tough luck,'" Kit joked during an appearance on E! News' Daily Pop.

    Kit attends an event

    For the time being, Kit says he's just enjoying his time as a new dad and pampering his little one whenever he's not working.

    Kit and Rose take a walk with the baby

    "I'm going through something at the moment which is that I spend weeks prior to coming out here sort of, you know, feeding him, pampering him, looking after him," Kit explained.

    Kit attends an event

    He continued, "And then I go to get on a flight, come here, and now I'm looked after and being pampered. So I'm living the dream right now!"

    Kit attends an event

    Sounds like the ideal situation!