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    Kirsten Dunst Says She Hasn't Married Jesse Plemons Yet Because She "Keeps Getting Pregnant"

    "I kind of want to enjoy my wedding."

    Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons are ready to tie the knot...eventually!

    A closeup of Jesse and Kirsten at an event

    The couple has been together since meeting on the set of Fargo in 2015, where Kirsten says they first fell in love "creatively."

    Jesse and Kirsten hold into each other in Fargo

    "We kind of fell in love creatively first and fell in love as actors. We got together after [Fargo]...I just knew he was awesome and that we were about to work together," Kirsten said on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

    A closeup of Jesse and Kirsten at an event

    She continued, "I watched all of Friday Night Lights for the first time. We were cold in Calgary and there wasn’t much to do, so I went on a Jesse Plemons hit."

    Jesse wears football gear in Friday Night Light

    And while they've now been together for years and have played husband and wife on screen twice, the duo haven't yet gotten married in real life.

    Kirsten revealed that it's totally their intention to get married, but one thing has been stopping them.

    Jesse and Kirsten hold hands at an event

    “I just kept getting pregnant and I kind of want to enjoy my wedding," Kirsten admitted, referencing the two children she shares with Jesse.

    A closeup of Jesse and Kirsten at an event

    She added, "I just want to be able to drink and have fun. We’ll do it very soon!"

    A closeup of Jesse and Kirsten at an event

    I'm sure Kirsten and Jesse's wedding will be a major celebration, whenever it happens!

    Hear all that Kirsten had to say below...

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