Kim Kardashian Quickly Shut Down Her Sister Khloé's Question About Foot Fetishes

    This is way more than I needed to know.

    Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson definitely do NOT have a foot fetish.

    pete and kim at an event

    The reality star found herself having to clear things up after her sister Khloé raised some questions about what goes on behind closed doors for the couple.

    pete and kim looking at each other at the met gala

    It all started when Kim posted a super cute series of photos with Pete...and the snaps just so happened to feature a lot of feet.

    In the comment section, Khloé couldn't help but ask, "Do you guys have a foot fetish too? 😳"

    A screenshot of Khloe's question

    And if you're wondering who else in the family Khloé believes has a foot fetish, all signs point to her older sis Kourtney and her husband Travis Barker.

    In fact, Khloé accused the couple of having a foot fetish during a podcast appearance just a few weeks ago.

    travis and kourtney

    "I mean, I’m not in the bedroom with them, believe it or not, but I’m not like Mr. Deeds popping on up, but it looks like there’s a foot thing going on," Khloé said on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast.

    While Kourtney hasn't offered an official response to Khloé's claims, Kim was quick to let Khloé know she was wrong about her and Pete.

    "Nope!" Kim simply replied to Khloé's question in the comment section.

    A screenshot of Khloe's question and Kim's response

    So overall, it sounds like foot fetishes are a hard no for Kim...and a solid maybe for Kourtney.

    kourtney and kim walking in leather suits

    And overall for me, that's way more information than I ever needed to know about the Kardashian's feet!