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    Kim Kardashian's Daughter North And Mariah Carey's Daughter Monroe Just Collab-ed On A TikTok That Got Crashed By Their Moms

    North and Monroe are here for the spotlight!

    Kim Kardashian and Mariah Carey's daughters want the spotlight to themselves!

    Over the weekend, North West and Monroe Cannon met up for a playdate and did what all regular kids do — they perfected a dance routine.

    North and Monroe point to the left while doing their dance routine in a hallway

    And while most 9-year-olds are dancing in their parent's living room, things were a little different for North and Monroe.

    Different as in their dance routine was set to one of their mom's massively popular songs — and then seen by 3 million people on TikTok.

    And on top of that, their very famous moms crashed the whole thing.

    While North and Monroe were showing off their choreography to Mariah's viral song "It's a Wrap," Kim and Mariah tried to jump in to provide backing vocals.

    Screenshot from North and Monroe's TikTok

    And just moments after their guest appearance, they were promptly pushed out of the screen by their daughters!

    North has her hands in the air as she shoves her mom

    And while Kim didn't make the cut for this TikTok, North did graciously allow her to be in another dance video set to Mariah's song earlier this month.

    Here's hoping we'll get more iconic collabs between Kim and Mariah — or North and Monroe!