Kelly Price Says She Was Recovering From A Severe Case Of COVID-19 When Her Family Reported Her Missing

    "At some point they lost me."

    Kelly Price is recovering from a near-death battle with COVID-19.

    Kelly poses at an event

    The singer tested positive for the virus in late July, and after her condition began "progressing in the wrong direction," she was hospitalized.

    In a new interview with TMZ, Kelly says that things got so bad, she was medically considered dead at one point but miraculously was able to recover.

    Kelly wipes away a tear during her interview

    "At some point they lost me. I woke up some days later, a couple days later, and the first thing I remember is the team of doctors standing around me and asking me if I knew what year it was," Kelly explained.

    When her condition improved, she was discharged from the hospital to continue her recovery at home because the hospital "needed beds."

    Kelly smiling and dressed in a fatigues jacket on the red carpet

    "I was able to go home with oxygen and have home health aides check on me throughout the week, which is what happened for a period of four weeks after being released from the hospital. I was definitely being seen," Kelly explained.

    It was after she had been discharged that her family reported her missing, when they were allegedly not able to get in touch with her.

    Kelly smiling on the red carpet

    "I was never missing. I was in my home being seen by doctors. Everyone in my family knew where I was, and I have to say that it's really disappointing that things came to this, but it was not true," Kelly said.

    Kelly, who recently tested negative for the first time during her battle, is now focusing on recovering and dealing with the lasting effects of the virus, which left her with "a lot of internal damage."

    In order to find privacy, she has moved out of her home, where fans had tried tracking her down, and has taken a step back from social media.

    Kelly smiling on the red carpet

    "I have never been in danger. I am not in danger right now. I am focusing on putting myself first," Kelly concluded.

    I'm wishing Kelly all the best in her recovery!