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    Keanu Reeves Just Revealed The Only Two Celebrities He's Asked For Autographs

    "He wrote I think it was, 'Dear Keanu, F**k you!'"

    Keanu Reeves has only ever asked two celebrities for their autographs — and he made some pretty good choices!

    A closeup of Keanu
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    The Matrix actor recently dished on his experience with other celebs and revealed just who he asked for their signature.

    A closeup of Keanu
    Dave J Hogan / Dave J Hogan / Getty Images for Lionsgate

    First, Keanu says he asked the Velvet Underground's Lou Reed for an autograph on behalf of a friend who was a fan.

    Lou stands on stage while wearing sunglasses
    Ebet Roberts / Redferns / Getty Images

    "It wasn't for me — it was for a friend, and [Lou] was cool about it. It was [on] a little piece of paper, and it was [in] blue ink. Yeah, it was good. It just said, 'Lou Reed,'" Keanu said on The Late Show.

    Lou sits on top of a touring road case
    Lionel Flusin / Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

    As for the other signature he acquired? Legendary comedian George Carlin, his co-star in1989's Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

    Keanu looks at George who is standing in a phone booth in the movie
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    "I asked for another. George Carlin. Yeah, he gave me an autograph... It was really funny; he wrote, I think it was, 'Dear Keanu, Fuck you!'" he revealed.

    Keanu plays the air guitar while standing next to George in a promo photo
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    Keanu added, "I always thought he just wrote that for me, and then I met someone else who said that he wrote the same thing to them! Anyway, beautiful."

    Keanu smiles and walks away from George in the phone booth
    Orion Pictures Corp / ©Orion Pictures Corp/Courtesy Everett Collection

    Hear all that Keanu had to say below.

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