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    Katy Perry Threw Pizza Slices Into The Crowd At A Las Vegas Nightclub And People Had The Best Reactions

    Order up!

    Katy Perry might not have a future career in slinging pizzas — at least if you ask anyone in the crowd at her recent Las Vegas appearance.

    a closeup of Katy at an event

    Over the weekend, the pop star hit the DJ booth at a Vegas nightclub...and somehow ended up with an entire pizza in her hands.

    Katy reaches into a box of pizza while standing behind a DJ

    Looking upon the crowd of famished partiers, Katy knew what she had to do and began flinging slices to the masses.

    Diretamente do camarote, Katy Perry jogou pedaços de pizza para o público que estava na pista da boate, em Las Vegas

    @katydailybrasil / Via Twitter: @katydailybrasil

    While her heart was in the right place, her technique was pretty chaotic, with slices straight-up flying through the air.

    A slice of pizza on a plate flies through the air

    ...and not quite making it into anyone's hands.

    A bunch of people reach for the pizza but it slides off the plate in front of them

    TBH, I still have a lot of questions about the whole thing, but a lot of people out there seem to be 100% invested in Katy throwing pizza in their face:

    @itswolfgangruth / Via Twitter: @itswolfgangruth

    The way my drunk feral ass would 100% be eating that pizza off the nasty ass club floor if Katy Perry threw it at me

    @thatssobrandonn / Via Twitter: @thatssobrandonn
    @natebobphil / Via Twitter: @natebobphil

    katy perry throwing slices of pizza at gay people in the club… a mother feeding her young. it’s biology

    @mattxiv / Via Twitter: @mattxiv

    We're seeing Katy Perry in concert on Saturday. If she DOESN'T throw pizza at us I'm asking for a refund.

    @mdseeley / Via Twitter: @mdseeley

    Going as the Katy Perry slice of thrown pizza for Halloween this year

    @tai_leclaire / Via Twitter: @tai_leclaire

    Katy Perry throwing pizza at people in the club? It’s upsetting to watch other people live your dream :(

    @JakeRipley1 / Via Twitter: @JakeRipley1

    So what was the purpose of Katy's pizza party? Will she do it again? Did more than one person actually catch a slice? The world may never know.