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    JoJo Siwa's Girlfriend Avery Cyrus Surprised Her In The Middle Of Disney World And Asked To Make Things Official

    JoJo and Avery were first linked in September following JoJo's split from ex Kylie Prew this summer.

    JoJo Siwa and her girlfriend, Avery Cyrus, are making things official!

    A closeup of JoJo and Avery

    While the couple have been linked since August, they decided to hold off on labeling their relationship.

    "Avery and I, if you can't tell already, we really, really like each other... We both really just wanted to enjoy having fun and take our time working our way up to the title of girlfriends," JoJo explained in a recent vlog.

    JoJo kisses Avery on the cheek

    That all changed last week when Avery officially asked JoJo to be her girlfriend — and she did it in the cutest way.

    Avery sits on JoJo's shoulders

    During a trip to Disney World, Avery popped the question by having JoJo's family hold up a giant sign while the duo took a ride on a boat car in Lake Buena Vista.

    JoJo looked totally shocked when she saw the sign — and obviously said yes!

    A sheet that has JoJo Be My GF?

    She even teared up during the rest of the boat ride and again later at dinner.

    JoJo looks shocked and smiles through tears

    "I'd be insane if I said no. You're the best girl in the world!" JoJo sweetly said later in the vlog.

    It really looks like JoJo is truly happy with Avery, and I love that for her.

    A closeup of JoJo and Avery smiling

    Congrats to JoJo and Avery!