John Boyega Is Vying To Take Over Regé-Jean Page's Role In "Bridgerton"

    "I need to wear them skintights."

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    John Boyega is vying for a new role, way outside the realms of the Star Wars universe.

    John smiles big while wearing a red suit jacket at an event

    The actor just revealed that he'd love to take over for Regé-Jean Page on Bridgerton, now that he won't be returning to the series.

    While the duo were chatting during a Hollywood Reporter roundtable discussion, John laid out his plans to land the coveted role.

    "I'm trying to get that Bridgerton money, man. I need to wear them skintights. I need to be the new guy up in there," John joked.

    John wears a blue suit jacket and black shirt to an event
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    Regé-Jean seemed on board for the casting — although he had one hilarious condition.

    Regé-Jean smiles while standing on a red carpet

    "Tell you what: I’ll have that Star Wars money; you can have the Bridgerton money," Regé-Jean teased.

    John went on to say that despite his jokes, he seriously would love to be a part of the Netflix series.

    John wears a black t-shirt to a Disney event

    Regé-Jean announced that he wouldn't be returning to Bridgerton earlier this year, but it's not yet clear if a new actor will be joining the cast to fill his void.

    But with one less member of the Bridgerton family around, there may just be a place for John. Only time will tell if he gets to wear those skintights!

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