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    Jennifer Lopez Called Out Hoda Kotb On Live TV And Some Valid Points Were Made

    Touché, Jennifer.

    Jennifer Lopez called out her friend Hoda Kotb on live TV — and she made a really good point!

    Jennifer and Hoda pose together

    While appearing on the Today show, Jennifer dished on her new movie Marry Me but ended up getting some questions about her personal life.

    During the interview, co-host Savannah Guthrie connected the movie to Jennifer's relationship with Ben Affleck and asked how they ended up together again.

    Jennifer and Ben smile on a red carpet

    "I know you don’t necessarily want to spill your guts about something that is personal and belongs to you... But I think so many people can relate to the one who got away or the one you always wondered about. How did you find each other again?" she asked.

    A closeup of Jennifer

    Jennifer dodged a response, telling the women that they could "talk about that backstage" but that she was going to keep relationship details off television.

    "I think what we learned from the last time is that love, when you are lucky enough to find it, is so sacred and special, and you have to hold a little bit of that privately, and that’s what we’ve learned. But we’re very happy, if that’s what you’re wondering about," Jennifer noted.

    A closeup of Jennifer

    Then, just moments later in the interview, Hoda picked up a copy of Jennifer's new People magazine cover — which happened to feature an inset about Hoda and her ex Joel Schiffman's recent split.

    Hoda holds up the magazine while sitting across from Jennifer

    Hoda immediately went to cover up her section of the cover, as to not invite any questions into her own personal life — and Jennifer couldn't hold back her thoughts.

    Hoda uses her hand to cover her own face on the magazine cover

    "Why are you trying to block out the corner? You don’t want to talk about your personal stuff? Is that what it is, Hoda?" Jennifer said with a laugh.

    Jennifer, Hoda and Savanah laugh together

    Hoda immediately realized how hypocritical it was, especially when they had just been prying into Jennifer's personal life — and she only could reply with "touché."

    Jennifer and Hoda pose together

    Watch it all go down below.

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