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    Jennifer Lopez Isn't Hiding Her Love For Ben Affleck Anymore And Is Now Wearing His Name On Her Necklace

    Jennifer is spelling things out!

    Jennifer Lopez isn't hiding her love for Ben Affleck any longer!

    Ben and Jen pose together in an old photo from a red carpet
    Kmazur / WireImage / Getty Images

    Over the course of just a few days, Jennifer's gone from refusing to answer questions about Ben to posting full-on makeout photos on Instagram!

    Ben kisses Jen during a recent yacht trip
    Jennifer Lopez / Ana Caraballosa / Via

    I mean, they literally recreated their iconic moment from the "Jenny From the Block" music video over the weekend!!

    Ben puts his hand on Jen's booty while they lay on a yacht in the music video
    Epic Records / Jennifer Lopez / Via

    And in the most recent development in their relationship saga, Jennifer is now proudly wearing Ben's name on a chain around her neck.

    Jennifer wears a white thin strapped dress and hat while walking outdoors
    Spread Pictures / /

    YES! She is literally wearing a gold "Ben" necklace, just days after confirming their rekindled romance.

    A zoom in on Jen's jewelry where a gold necklace that says BEN can be seen
    Spread Pictures / /

    The necklace was spotted while Jennifer was out and about with a friend in Monaco, France.

    Could the necklace have been a sweet 52nd birthday present from Ben to Jen?

    The couple's reconciliation comes 17 years after they called off their engagement, and the duo seem to be better than ever after giving love a second chance.

    Jen smiles and looks up at Ben in an old photo
    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

    "Everything seems to be running smoothly. She hasn't looked this happy for a long time," a source recently told People, with another adding that they "are madly in love."

    Ben and Jen pose together in an old photo from a red carpet
    Chris Weeks / FilmMagic / Getty Images

    And as we get more glimpses of their relationship, I just want to know...does Ben have some Jen jewelry??

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