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The Super Bowl's Real Winner Was Jazmine Sullivan

The best two and a half minutes of the event.

The Super Bowl already has a winner in my books and it's clearly Jazmine Sullivan.

Jazmine lifts her hand in the air while singing in a stunning white suit
Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

The 33-year-old Grammy-nominated music artist stepped out to perform the National Anthem (in a stunning white suit and crystal headpiece by Area) and it was the best two and a half minutes of the event.

NFL / Via

Oh yeah, she was also accompanied by Eric Church, marking the first time that the Super Bowl has featured a collaborative rendition of the song in 15 years.

Jazmine sings alongside Eric
Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

And to say that the Jazmine blew everyone away is a complete understatement.

The Hollywood Reporter / Via

Even Eric acknowledged Jazmine's immense talent, previously explaining that he only agreed to the gig when Jazmine's name was on the bill.

Jazmine performs on the field
Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

“I heard [Jazmine] and I’m not missing a chance to sing with her. And that was it. Once I heard her voice, I said, ‘OK, I’m in.' ...She may be the best singer. I was floored. I’m a fan," Eric said in an Apple Music interview.

While there was no shortage of praise for Jazmine, many thought she should have gotten the spotlight to herself:

Now they know good and damn well they should have let Jazmine Sullivan sing the national anthem by her got damn self 🙄

Twitter: @SheaCoulee

Even though Jazmine had to share the spotlight this time, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that one day she'll be hitting the field for the halftime show!

NFL / Via

Watch the entire performance and share what you think in the comments below!

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NFL / Via
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