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Beyoncé Turned Down A Drink From Jay-Z In The Middle Of The Grammys, And People Have Theories About What Was Actually Happening

"Why was he so chill like he was at a BBQ or something?"

Everyone who watched the Grammys this weekend knows Beyoncé showed up fashionably late — but they may not have caught a hilariously awkward moment with Jay-Z right after her arrival.

A closeup of Beyonce

When the couple were seated, it appears that Jay grabbed a drink...right before host Trevor Noah approached to present Bey with the Grammy she missed.

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Recording Academy / GRAMMYs / Via youtube.com

While Beyoncé stayed camera-ready, Jay seemed to be completely oblivious that they were even being filmed.

Jay sits in his seat and stares blankly

In fact, Jay even attempted to pass Beyoncé a drink in the middle of it all...

Jay tries to pass a small glass to Beyonce

And then had a hilarious reaction when she declined:

The funny husband-wife interaction caused a lot of buzz online — from speculation about what was going through Jay's mind to Bey's reaction:

I know Jay Z hurt Beyonce didn’t wanna drink 💀💀 #grammys #beyonce #jayz

@jonatanjleon / Recording Academy / GRAMMYs / Via Twitter: @jonatanjleon
A TikTok comment that reads: He didn't seem to notice they were talking about his wife till he heard Beyonce

Jay z tried to offer Beyoncé some drink and she ain’t wont noneeee. 😭

@jontaoht / Via Twitter: @jontaoht
A TikTok comment that reads: Why was he so chill like he was at a bbq or something
A TikTok comment that reads: I love that he is awkward and has bad timing like all husbands. This actually makes me think this is a real marriage

Why would Jay Z make Beyoncé late for the Grammys and try give her that drink when the cameras was on them lol 😂 I know she was embarrassed

@checheeese / Via Twitter: @checheeese
A TikTok comment that reads: I love how regular he is!

And while Bey may have initially turned down Jay-Z's offer for a drink, she was definitely ready to share a toast later in the evening!

Beyoncé, Adele, Jay-Z and more sharing a toast

Congratulations again, Bey!