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    "Guardians Of The Galaxy" Director James Gunn Explained Why He Doesn't Love Superhero Movies As Much As He Used To

    "I loved them at the beginning, but a lot of them are boring."

    Superhero movie director James Gunn is bored with superhero movies.

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    James, who directed the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, recently explained why the genre just isn't appealing to him as much as it used to.

    The cast of Guardians poses outside looking ready for battle in a scene from the movie
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    "They're mostly boring to me right now! I loved them at the beginning and there are still people trying to do different things [with them], so it's not a 100% rule, but a lot of them are boring," James told SFX Magazine.

    James walks through the Guardians set while talking to an extra with a blue face
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    He added, "I think it's about bringing in other elements from different genres."

    James crouches down on a pile of rubble while directing an actor in a green screen suit
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    That's exactly what James did for his upcoming flick, The Suicide Squad, where he says he incorporated elements of war films.

    "I loved the idea of making a supervillain war caper film. Films like The Dirty Dozen and Where Eagles Dare, those are of different elements from the backdrop of war and the caper heist element, to the sneaking around, the high stakes, the adventure," James explained.

    He continued, "It gave me a great excuse to be able to create a film [in] a genre I've loved since I was a little kid, and do it in a big way and not have to hold back."

    James previously described the film, which he both wrote and directed, as "different from any superhero movie ever made."

    When @JamesGunn says, “It’s going to be different from any superhero movie ever made,” he means it! See more in this official first sneak peek behind the scenes of #TheSuicideSquad! #DCFanDome

    @SuicideSquadWB / Via Twitter: @SuicideSquadWB

    The Suicide Squad hits theaters as well as HBO Max on August 6.

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