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    Jameela Jamil Revealed The Injury She Sustained On The "She-Hulk" Set, And I Didn't Even Know That Could Happen To Someone

    "I was hurting in places that I really didn't know exist."

    Jameela Jamil did her own stunts on the set of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law — but she totally paid the price for it!

    A closeup of Jameela

    In the upcoming series, Jameela stars as Titania, a social media influencer with super-human strength who becomes a rival to She-Hulk.

    Jameela in character

    Jameela says she trained hard for the role, learning "jiu jitsu and kung fu and combat in the air."

    And while her stunt capabilities ended up being pretty impressive, it led to a pretty uncomfortable injury.

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    "Oh, I did it all! I did it all. I was hurting in places that I really didn’t know exist," Jameela shared with ET at the premiere.

    She continued, "I pulled a muscle in my asshole. I didn’t know that was possible!"

    Thankfully, Jameela appears to have recovered from her injury, but it's too soon to know if her pain was entirely worth it.

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    "I don't know how much of it ever gets to make it to the big screen, because CGI is bonkers," Jameela said.

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    Regardless, Jameela says she's proud of her accomplishments, as stunt work was pretty out of her comfort zone.

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    "I got to do all my stunts pretty much myself! And that was something I've never done before, because I'm the ultimate couch potato. I am just a puddle with bangs," Jameela joked.

    A closeup of Jameela

    You can find out what stunts made the cut when She-Hulk: Attorney at Law premieres August 18 on Disney+.

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