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    Jake Paul Hosted A Huge Birthday Party After Moving Out Of LA To Escape Huge Parties

    "People are selfish."

    Jake Paul is back on the party scene, just weeks after packing up his things in Los Angeles to start a "new era" away from the distractions of the big city.

    The 24-year-old social media star, who appears to have relocated to Miami, told fans that he was leaving LA behind in order to focus on becoming the "biggest prize fighter in the world."

    Jake throws a punch while in the boxing ring
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    He explained that training in LA wasn't possible for him because of all the parties and distractions, admitting that he is someone who is "attracted to that chaos."

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    "Being in Los Angeles, there's so many distractions, there's so much going on, and it doesn't really allow me to focus on training... In Los Angeles, you guys know has all the parties, all the madness, and it’s too much to be around because I’m the type of guy whose attracted to that chaos. And for me, if I want to be one of the top prize fighters in the world, which is my goal, then being here just isn’t the move," Jake explained.

    But despite his efforts to put his partying days behind him, Jake was spotted at several bashes over the past week — including his 24th birthday party.

    @purplemiami / Via Instagram: @purplemiami, @jakepaul / Via Instagram: @jakepaul

    Jake was joined by a large group of friends, including ex-girlfriend Erika Costell, his boxing coach, and his mom, at what appeared to be a Miami restaurant.

    *COVID PARTY ALERT* Jake Paul throws himself a birthday party to celebrate turning 24. Jake recently moved to Miami claiming there were too many parties and distractions in Los Angeles.

    @defnoodles / Via Twitter: @defnoodles

    In Instagram stories from attendees, the mostly maskless group were treated to a lavish dinner in a private room before celebrating with multiple birthday cakes.

    During the evening, Jake was given extravagant gifts, including a Cartier bracelet and a custom cake to match his Rolex watch:

    @jakepaul / Via Instagram: @jakepaul

    Many fans were disappointed to hear about the party — particularly those who have had to stay home for their own birthdays because of the pandemic:

    A tweet that reads "Today is my 31st birthday and I'm not throwing myself a covid party"
    @brujabruh / Via Twitter: @brujabruh
    A tweet that reads "My son and nephew both had their first birthdays in quarantine, no party He can get over himself"
    @psychiogotcha / Via Twitter: @psychigotcha
    A tweet that reads "Yesterday I turned 26 stayed home and celebrated with movies and dinner People are selfish"
    @Selenas95_ / Via Twitter: @Selenas95_

    But others came to Jake's defense, explaining that the party followed local guidelines and all attendees were either his staff or family:

    A tweet that reads "Everyone here is his staff, their girlfriends who are living with them, his mom and restaurant staff it wasn't exactly a party they had a meal and left"
    @AilbheLeary / Via Twitter: @AilbheLeary
    A tweet that reads "private room, all people/staff who live together! also not a party just a meal, cake and then they went back to their hotels"
    @chrissie_77 / Via Twitter: @chrissie_77

    Jake didn't confirm the party's COVID safety precautions but Miami does have more relaxed guidelines than other areas of the US and currently allows restaurants to operate at full capacity.

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    While Jake's event may have followed guidelines, a mansion party that he reportedly attended later in the weekend definitely seemed to have a more questionable take on safety protocol:

    A MailOnline headline that says "COVID party, Miami style! Post Malone, Scott Disick, Tyga and Jake Paul enjoy maskless bash for 150 A listers"
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    Jake didn't post about the event himself, but videos shared by other attendees revealed it was a birthday celebration for Electric Feel Entertainment founder Austin Rosen that featured performances from Lil Baby, 24kGoldn and Gucci Mane:

    @purplemiami / Via Instagram: @purplemiami

    But now that Jake's birthday weekend is over, it looks like he's back to work training for his next fight and taunting Conor McGregor on the internet: