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    Jake Gyllenhaal Got In The Ring During A Real UFC Event, And It Was All Caught On Camera

    Enter: Jake Gyllenhaal.

    Jake Gyllenhaal is serious about his next role — and he's got the seriously ripped physique to prove it!

    A closeup of Jake

    In the upcoming Road House remake, Jake is set to play a former UFC fighter who's now retired from the ring.

    A closeup of Jake

    Apparently, fans are still going to catch a glimpse of Jake in his UFC glory days, because he recently was spotted filming at a real UFC event.

    Enter: Jake Gyllenhaal ⏳ #UFC285

    @espnmma / Via Twitter: @espnmma

    He started things off at the weigh-in, where he looked completely shredded while sizing up his competitor, former UFC fighter Jay Hieron.

    Jake Gyllenhaal and former UFC fighter Jay Heiron film a scene for the Road House remake after #UFC285 ceremonial weigh-ins. 🎥

    @MMAJunkie / Via Twitter: @MMAJunkie

    Like, excuse me, look at that flex!!

    Jake is shirtless and flexes his muscles on stage

    Here's another angle of it all, for research purposes, of course.

    Jake Gyllenhaal filmed a scene for his upcoming Roadhouse movie at #UFC285🍿

    @espnmma / Via Twitter: @espnmma

    Then, when it came time to step in the ring, Jake delivered a knockout during the staged match.

    Jake Gyllenhaal wins as he brutally knocks out the middleweight champion #UFC285

    @Chisanga_Malata / Via Twitter: @Chisanga_Malata

    Things even got a little brutal when Jake continued to pack a punch despite his opponent being unconscious — which is all apparently a part of the film's plot.

    Jake holds up his arm to punch his opponent who is laying on the ground

    In the original Road House flick, the film's main character had a mysterious past that included killing a person, and it seems like that may carry over to the remake, considering the aggression Jake's putting into the role.

    A closeup of Jake

    Following the faux match, Jake stuck around to catch all of the real fighting along with his costar Conor McGregor.

    A closeup of Jake and Conor

    It's not clear when the Road House remake will be released, but fingers crossed we get more ripped pics of Jake!