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Jack Harlow Got Carried Over The Mud By Two Black Men At The Kentucky Derby, And A Lot Of People Weren't Okay With It

"This is clownery."

You probably know Jack Harlow, the musician who caused all of the internet to collectively lose their minds when he dropped his single "First Class" last month.

A close-up of Jack

Over the weekend, the rapper attended the Kentucky Derby β€” but he's facing some backlash for something he did on the track.

Jack stands with a horse

It turns out that Jack really didn't want to get his shoes dirty, so he decided to get carried over the muddy track by two Black men.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people online didn't really like the idea of a white guy getting carried around by Black men.

Jack gets carried by two Black men over a dirty path

The men, who are reportedly his security guards, appeared to be smiling through the whole ordeal, but that didn't stop people from speaking out against Jack's decision β€” and the fact that the event shared the video online.

The Kentucky Derby tweeting Jack Harlow being carried around by his Black man servants is disgraceful

Twitter: @exavierpope

While Jack hasn't yet spoken out about the matter, here's what the rest of social media had to say:

Twitter: @BlackWolfParty

just saw a video of jack Harlow being carried by two men because he didn’t want to get his shoes dirty?? Instant ick man tf

Twitter: @priyaunhinged

jack harlow getting carried by 2 black men so he wont get his shoes dirty... hmmmm

Twitter: @RAWshadTX

just saw a video of jack harlow being carried by 2 black men this is not the dream dr. king died for

Twitter: @cashlesscarti

that video of jack harlow getting carried so his shoes don’t get dirty is so embarrassing and v disturbing

Twitter: @psaki4ever

Jack Harlow's career is all about being carried by Black people but this is ridiculous

Twitter: @DGarrettR

I really don’t like that video of 2 black men carrying Jack Harlow to avoid his shoes getting dirty.

Twitter: @Scoon_ATL

I hate the jack harlow not getting his shoes dirty at the derby video so much

Twitter: @itsspelledleela

Jack Harlow got carried right into cancellation πŸ˜‚

Twitter: @BilalMujahhid