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    Inside The Resort "The Bachelorette" Is Taking Place This Season Instead Of The Mansion

    The Bachelor mansion is no more — for Clare's season, at least!

    Things are looking a little different on this season of The Bachelorette thanks to a slight location change to Palm Springs, California.

    Clare on the first night of the show
    Craig Sjodin / ABC

    To keep things safe during the pandemic, ABC rented out the entirety of La Quinta Resort & Club and had the cast and crew head south to the hotel.

    Clare Crawley and her suitors checked in to the 4-star resort, which is sprawled across 45 acres at the base of the Santa Rosa Mountains.

    ABC / Via

    It's a property whose enormous size made it easy to accommodate the show's social distancing protocols:

    An overhead view of the property's 41 acres and multiple casitas
    ABC / Via

    The historic resort, which opened in 1926, seems to be the perfect backdrop for romance.

    ABC / Via

    In fact, It Happened One Night was written at the hotel and iconic actress Ginger Rogers tied the knot with Jacques Bergerac there in 1952.

    Guests at the La Quinta Resort & Club are hosted in their own private casitas, that all include fireplaces and private patios.

    ABC / Via

    Some of them even have their own private pools!

    Speaking of pools, there are 41 of them on the property!!

    ABC / Via

    That's more than enough for each contestant to take a swim in their own individual pool...simultaneously.

    Not to mention they have many stunning gardens.

    The grounds also include 21 tennis courts, 5 golf courses, 8 pickleball courts and enough room for a dodgeball tournament.

    ABC / Via

    I have a feeling that was the resort's first and last game of dodgeball.

    There's also a spa, where you can be pampered with massages, facials, or a manicure.

    And if you're looking for an escape from your escape, the hotel will even set you up on a glamping trip to Joshua Tree National Park.

    So if you've ever wanted to spend a night in The Bachelor mansion, now you can...sort of!

    ABC / Via

    Count me in!

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