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    Heidi Klum Says She Knows That People Make Fun Of Her "High, Screechy Voice" After Releasing Her New Song

    "But I guess I have a very recognizable voice."

    Heidi Klum knows that people make fun of her voice — but she doesn't mind.

    A closeup of Heidi

    The model and television personality recently teamed up with Snoop Dogg to release a new song, and she says her high voice actually helped her!

    On the new track, "Chai Tea With Heidi," she shows off her high vocal range — which, for her, wasn't a hard task.

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    "People always make fun of my voice because I have a very high, screechy voice," Heidi said on Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa.

    A closeup of Heidi

    She continued, "But I guess I have a very recognizable voice. In Germany, I’ve done many games where I have to call in, and I will just say one sentence, and people are like, 'Oh yes, it’s Heidi.'"

    And even though she admits she's always been "kind of teased" about her voice, Heidi used it to her advantage on the song.

    A closeup of Heidi

    "Maybe in this case it helped that I have such a high voice because this wasn’t a problem for me, you know... Like, I have no problem singing up there," Heidi said.

    She added, "I don't know if it's pleasant for everyone. But that’s like my, my comfort zone singing up here, which is annoying to a lot of people."

    A closeup of Heidi

    You can hear all that Heidi had to say here.