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Harry Styles Kissed His "Don't Worry Darling" Costar Nick Kroll And People Aren't Happy About It

Another interesting turn of events for the Don't Worry Darling cast...

This shouldn't come as a surprise at this point, but there's even more weird stuff going on between the Don't Worry Darling cast.

The entire Don't Worry Darling Cast

Since Harry Styles and his costars arrived at the Venice Film Festival a few days ago, the cast have found themselves in the middle of a lot of drama.

Harry waves from a boat

Like, did Harry actually spit on Chris Pine? Where has Florence Pugh been most of the time? How many times will Chris dissociate while Harry speaks? Will Harry and Olivia Wilde ever interact??

Harry and Olivia pose with a costar between them

And to top it all off, fans now noticed that Harry actually shared a KISS with cast mate Nick Kroll during the film's standing ovation.

Harry Styles kisses Nick Kroll during the standing ovation for #DontWorryDarling. #Venezia79

@RaminSetoodeh / Via Twitter: @RaminSetoodeh

And while two bros sharing a smooch is totally okay, Harry showed zero affection towards his actual rumored girlfriend, Olivia, who was just feet away.

Harry hugs Nick and looks into his eyes

On top of that, some fans are accusing Harry of another instance of queerbaiting.

A closeup of Harry

For those unfamiliar, "queerbaiting" is defined as "an attempt to take advantage of and capitalize on the appearance or implication of LGBTQ+ relationships without actually having real LGBTQ+ representation."

Harry queerbait styles https://t.co/72IOiJZqJl

@laradelrei1 / Via Twitter: @laradelrei1

i'm convinced that the only course of pr management harry styles' team knows is reinforcing the queerbait.......

@willowyoon / Via Twitter: @willowyoon

me when i'm in a queerbait competition and my opponent is harry styles https://t.co/W6dx8WxuD0

@wampyra / Via Twitter: @wampyra

As much as I think hs kissing nick kroll was probably queerbait, that doesn’t mean that Harry is straight, he doesn’t own anyone an explanation on his sexuality

@solitarianss / Via Twitter: @solitarianss

@RaminSetoodeh Cool 2 straight guys kissing each other for attention we love it

@NeglaInsane / Via Twitter: @NeglaInsane

Harry did recently address the queerbaiting allegations against him, explaining he found the arguments about how he identifies "silly."

A closeup of Harry

"Sometimes people say, 'You've only publicly been with women.' I don’t think I’ve publicly been with anyone," he said, adding, "If someone takes a picture of you with someone, it doesn’t mean you’re choosing to have a public relationship or something."

A closeup of Harry

In an older interview, Harry previously denied claims he was "sprinkling in nuggets of sexual ambiguity to try and be more interesting."

close up of harry

So while Harry may have viewed his kiss with Nick just as sharing a moment of excitement with a friend, it definitely does make the whole Don't Worry Darling drama more interesting.

Nick smiles as Harry hugs him

With a few more days left of the Venice Film Fest, who knows what will happen next!