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    Halle Berry Shared A Rare Photo Of Her Daughter, Nahla, In Celebration Of Her 13th Birthday

    Happy birthday, Nahla!

    Halle Berry's daughter, Nahla, is officially a teenager!

    Halle smiles during an event
    Jesse Grant / Getty Images

    While the actor is typically ultra-private when it comes to her children, she couldn't help celebrating the milestone on social media.

    "No matter how many times I tell her I love her, I love her more than that. Happy 13th Birthday Nahla Boo 💜," Halle captioned the throwback photo of the two of them on her Instagram.

    She even shared select photos from the celebration on her IG story — showing off the 13th birthday cake that was made for the occasion.

    @halleberry / Via Instagram: @halleberry

    "I love you Nahla Boo! Here's to 13 beautiful years around the [sun]," Halle wrote.

    Halle's decision to share the rare photo of Nahla comes as a surprise, since she generally chooses to keep her children off of social media or conceal their faces in order to protect their privacy.

    "I try to find creative ways to incorporate them into my feed because they are the biggest part of my life, but I also work very hard to keep their identities as private as I can considering they are only children," Halle once wrote on Instagram.

    She added, "It's my belief, and I'm not criticizing others who have different beliefs, that it's my job as their mother to protect their privacy as best I can. When they grow and they're of age and they want [to] share their images on the internet, that will be for them to decide, not me."

    While we probably won't be seeing any more photos from Nahla's birthday, I'm sure it was a wonderful day! Happy birthday!

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