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    FKA Twigs Just Revealed The Identity Of Her "Mystery Man" So The Media Would Stop "Hunting" Them, And That's Such A Power Move

    "Now, I'd like to go back to my nice private life with the dogs."

    FKA Twigs doesn't want to be bothered about her "mystery man" any longer.

    A closeup of FKA Twigs

    After Twigs was photographed with an unidentified man on several occasions, people were in a rush to figure out who he was.

    Paparazzi photo of Twigs and a man walking side-by-side

    The Daily Mail even requested that anyone with information about his identity email his name to their tip inbox.

    A closeup of FKA Twigs

    After seeing enough rumors about them online, Twigs decided to take matters into her own hands — and just reveal his identity herself!

    A closeup of FKA Twigs

    "The whole of my career I’ve been hunted for who I am dating. So, this time I’m pipping you to the post and taking control of the situation," Twigs wrote on her Instagram.

    A closeup of FKA Twigs

    Twigs went on to confirm the man is named Jordan Hemingway, and he is her boyfriend.

    A closeup of FKA Twigs and Jordan

    "His name is @jordan_hemingway, a beautiful artist whose heart has restored my faith in love," Twigs shared.

    Twigs and Jordan sit next to each other at a table at an event

    And since pap pics "will always be rough," she also shared a hot shirtless photo of Jordan for good measure.

    A shirtless mirror selfie of Jordan showing off his abs

    While it's not clear how long Twigs and Jordan have been dating, they were first spotted out together in December 2022.

    Paparazzi shot of Twigs walking with Jordan behind

    "Now, I’d like to go back to my nice private life with the dogs," Twigs concluded.

    A closeup of FKA Twigs

    Consider that a mystery solved!