Ed Sheeran Gave Away Another Giant Marble Penis Statue And This Time It Was For Sam Smith

    Ed Sheeran first presented his friend Elton John with a penis statue last year.

    Ed Sheeran is back at it again with the giant penis statues!

    A closeup of Ed

    This time, Ed apparently gifted a phallic piece of art to his friend Sam Smith.

    A closeup of Ed and Sam

    During an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Sam revealed that Ed recently presented them with a 6-foot marble penis statue.

    "It's actually wild. I thought it was a joke. It's a 6'2" marble penis," Sam explained.

    A closeup of Sam

    They continued, "It's 2 tons. I'm going to have to get it craned into my house."

    A closeup of Sam

    Sam isn't stopping there though — they want to get it turned into a fountain!

    "He gives people concrete penises. I'm not the first. Elton [John] was first," Sam explained.

    A closeup of Sam and Elton John

    And Ed did, indeed, present his friend Elton with his own giant marble penis last year, although the iconic musician has chosen to keep it out of sight.

    A closeup of Ed and Elton John

    "I suggested to David [Furnish] that I should put it in the garden. And he said, 'No, we have children.' Now it's kind of hidden in an area where they wouldn't see it," Elton explained.

    Elton and David sit with their two children

    Meanwhile, it sounds like we can look forward to Sam's marble penis being displayed front and center at their home!

    A closeup of Sam

    You can hear all that Sam had to say below.

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