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    Dolly Parton Just Announced Her Own Line Of Pet Apparel, And It Includes Wigs For Dogs

    Dogs deserve to look fabulous too.

    Is there anything Dolly Parton can't do?

    A closeup of Dolly outstretching her arms

    In her latest venture, the iconic singer is combining two of her favorite things — dogs and a really good wig.

    Dolly stands next to a black Labrador Retriever

    And no, she is not making wigs FROM dog hair — she's making wigs FOR dogs.

    Dolly just announced she created the doggy wigs as part of her new pet line: Doggy Parton.

    In addition to hair pieces, the apparel and accessories brand also features dog shirts, dresses and squeaky toys.

    "'Puppy Love' was my very first record and 6 decades later, my love for pets is stronger than ever. This inspired me to start my own line of Doggy Parton apparel, accessories, toys, and more with a little 'Dolly' flair,'" she shared on Instagram.

    A closeup of Dolly

    Not only will Dolly's dogs now be looking stylish but a portion of the proceeds will also go to Willa B. Farms, a rescue organization dedicated to improving the lives of homeless, neglected, abused, and abandoned animals.

    If you're interested in Dolly-ifying your dog, you need to act fast because things are already selling out!

    You can shop the entire collection here.