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    These Dogs Experiencing Snow For The First Time This Year Are Too Cute

    The first snowfall of the year is exciting...especially if you're a dog.

    If you live in a cold climate, there's a good chance you've already experienced your first snowfall of the year! And while snow can be an inconvenience for some humans, it's certainly a highlight for their dogs!

    Giphy / Via

    Here are some of the cutest pups braving the cold:

    1. These dogs didn't know what to do with the four feet of snow piled up outside their door...but dove in head first anyway:

    @misssarahalyssa / Via

    2. Dog or snow dolphin? Hard to say:

    A tiny white dog's head sticks out of the snow
    @nikinnne / Via

    3. Melly's little snow hops are the cutest thing I've seen all day:

    A Shiba jumps into the air in the snow
    @melly_shiba / Via

    4. These pups proved there is never too much snow for a Husky:

    A group of Huskies chill in the snow
    @mrs_affy3 / Via

    5. Kona, another Husky, could not wait any longer to go on his walk in the snow:

    A white Husky stares at the camera
    @konathehusky / Via

    6. It's impossible to turn down a face like that...even if it is a blizzard outside:

    A Labrador holds his toy while standing in the snow waiting to play
    @dolphinsqueaker96 / Via

    It’s hard to turn down a face like that...but no. #dog #fyp #winter #goldenretrieverlife

    ♬ original sound - M3G$

    7. I feel like the Jaws music should be playing in the background here:

    A dog is completely hidden by snow
    @skibbeelew / Via

    8. That is a pure smile on this pup's face:

    A white dog smiles while plowing through the snow
    @puppy_and_bunny / Via

    9. These two didn't quite know what to make of all the snow, but with a little shoveling everything was all good:

    Two small dogs look out their front door at all the snow outside
    @mitchplz401 / Via

    10. But not everyone was so easily convinced! This dog decided it was a hard no to the snow:

    A dogs looks out his door at all the snow outside
    @teacher_tori / Via

    11. And both of these guys made a quick turnaround as well:

    A brown and white dog heads back up a flight of stairs inside the house
    @harperhomestead / Via

    12. But Kip and Kaan were all about it! And I can't say enough about the cuteness of their hats:

    Two dogs wearing knitted hats dig in the snow
    @kipandkaan / Via

    Kaan extra loves to dig and roll in the snow ❄️🤣 good times we’re had by all #snowday #winter2020 #goldensoftiktok #dogsinclothes

    ♬ mariah chemical romance by oneboredjeu - Johnathon "NIGHTMÆR" Miranda

    13. And Burton had never seen snow but was all about it:

    A puppy looks playful in the sow
    @mjewell214 / Via

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    How do your dogs feel about the snow? Share in the comments below!