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    Diddy Finally Explained Why He Posted That Throwback Photo With Ex Jennifer Lopez

    No trolling here!

    Diddy didn't mean to start any drama when he posted that throwback photo of himself with Jennifer Lopez!

    Diddy smiles big while attending a Grammy event

    The music mogul left everyone a little confused when he posted a paparazzi photo of the former couple that was snapped back in 2000.

    Diddy puts his arm around Jennifer while sitting at an award show

    Diddy and Jennifer dated from 1999 to 2001, shortly before she began dating Ben Affleck.

    Diddy wears a white t-shirt while Jennifer matches in a white crop top and white bandana around her head

    And to make Diddy's TBT post even more dramatic, it definitely seemed like he was weighing in on Jennifer's recent reconciliation with Ben.

    Jennifer sits on a yacht with Ben recently

    But it turns out that Diddy didn't mean anything by posting the suspiciously timed photo and was just sharing a moment from a great time in his life.

    Jennifer and Diddy smile and hold hands while arriving at an award show

    "It wasn't no trolling involved, that's just my friend," Diddy recently told Vanity Fair.

    Jennifer and Diddy hold hands while arriving at an event

    He added, "And I don't have nothing to say about her relationship or her life."

    Jennifer and Diddy smile while sitting close together at an event

    While the post has since been deleted from Diddy's Instagram, it seems as though he's still on good terms with Jennifer.

    Jennifer laughs while Diddy stands across from her at a recent event

    The duo even reunited a few years back at an afterparty for Jennifer's Las Vegas residency as well as a virtual charity event held last year.

    Jennifer and Diddy face each other to talk at the afterparty

    I guess Diddy really was just looking back on the good ol' days of the early 2000s!