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    Demi Lovato Got Real About How Dealing With Her Eating Disorder Is Still A "Daily" Struggle

    "I still have hope that someday I won’t think about it anymore."

    Demi Lovato is offering an empowering message to those who, like her, are recovering from an eating disorder.

    Demi poses in a white, deep V-neck silk shirt at the premiere of her documentary
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    The singer first opened up about her experience with bulimia in 2011.

    Demi at an event in 2010
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    Then, earlier this year, Demi admitted that aspects of her eating disorder like "workouts and extreme dieting" played a role in her 2018 near-fatal relapse.

    In a new Instagram post, Demi shared that although she still deals with her eating disorder on a daily basis, she has hope for the future.

    Demi has long blonde hair at a recent event
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    Demi posted a Boomerang of a cup that she painted with the National Eating Disorders Association heart symbol as well as the phrase "I am worth it."

    "This is the @neda symbol for eating disorder recovery. I painted this at @colormemine years ago...even though I was in the throes of my eating disorder, I still made this in hopes that I would truly believe it some day," Demi wrote.

    Demi wears a sparkling red jumpsuit at an event
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    She continued, "I still struggle. Daily. There are periods of time where I forget about my food struggles and other times it’s all I think about. Still."

    "But that is what ED recovery looks like for some people and I still have hope that someday I won’t think about it anymore. For now my mug reminds me that I am worth it, and today I believe it," Demi concluded.

    Hopefully Demi — and anyone else dealing with an eating disorder — can get to a point where they believe that they're worth it every single day.

    The ​National Eating Disorders Association​ helpline is ​1-800-931-2237; for 24/7 crisis support, text “NEDA” to 741741.

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