Dax Shepard Revealed That His 2004 Interview On "Conan" Actually Got Him Banned From The Show

    "For him, what a disaster."

    Dax Shepard almost had a career-ending moment — and it had to do with Conan O'Brien.

    Back in 2004, the actor made an appearance on the late night show at the height of his addiction, and things didn't go so well.

    "Professionally, the only wreckage I really had while I was an addict was I went on Conan," Dax said on Blake Griffin's OBB Sound-produced podcast, The Pursuit of Healthiness.

    He continued, "I had done the pre-interview in a blackout, and I woke up to the hotel security shaking me awake, and I was with a stranger, and the stranger had peed the bed, or I had peed the bed — someone had peed the bed."

    Dax added that his publicist had convinced the security guard to open the room because he had to be on the talk show in less than 20 minutes.

    "I show up on the show. I don't know what he's talking about. I can tell he's queuing me up for stories I've told, but I don't know any of the stories. So, I'm just doing what I can to be funny out there, and I am a mess," Dax explained.

    While Dax says that though the audience "dug" the interview, for Conan, it was a mess.

    "So I was banned from that show for some years, until I got sober and I got myself back on it, and now I’ve been on it a bazillion times, but that was probably the only career wreckage-y thing I did," Dax concluded.

    And while Dax was embarrassed by the interview, Conan has previously said Dax was nowhere near his worst guest.

    Watch Dax's entire interview with Conan below.

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