Yes, That Actually Is Christina Hendricks On The "American Beauty" Movie Poster

    "I had no idea what the film was."

    Remember when Christina Hendricks revealed that it's actually her on the American Beauty movie poster?

    A few years back, Christina spilled that it's her hand (but not her body) in the iconic photo, and now she's finally explaining how it all came to be.

    "I used to be a model, and one of the gigs I got was to go and shoot a movie poster. I had no idea what the film was," Christina revealed on The Rich Eisen Show.

    Christina poses at an event with her hand touching her hair

    She continued, "There were two models, myself and one other. And we did different versions of her hand and her stomach, and my stomach and her hand, and my hand and both. My hand made it in, and her stomach made it in."

    Christina added that "it was just a plain, ol' gig" and she probably got paid $100, not knowing how huge the film was going to be.

    "I didn't know what American Beauty was going to be. And then I finally saw it and was like, 'Hey, that's my hand!'" Christina laughed.

    Christina holds up her hand during the interview

    "I thought very little about it for a long was just one of my gigs, I guess!" she explained.

    As for the rest of her hand modeling career, Christina says she did a few more gigs, and she credits her background in ballet for the opportunities.

    Hear all that Christina had to say below.

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