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    Christina Aguilera Says She's Felt "Guilt" About Not Working Since Childhood

    "You're shamed if you don't want to keep up."

    Christina Aguilera has been working since she was 7 years old...and she's apparently been keeping a diary for almost as long!

    Christina poses on a red carpet
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    While hunkered down at home the pandemic, Christina discovered her collection of journals from the past 20 years. And it unearthed a lot of emotions about her career.

    "I have this massive trunk of old diaries that I've literally kept from the past 20 years of my life. I was able to catch up on them and do some self-reflecting. It really forced me to be silent and take a look at myself," Christina told Health.

    "In some regards, I wasn't happy with a lot of things and it's scary to face those feelings that, under normal circumstances, you don't have time to face because everyone is going, going, going."

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    "That grind is praised, but I think we're all understanding that having moments to self-reflect and just breathe are crucial," Christina said.

    She added that since she's been working since she was a child, "there's a heavy amount of guilt" she feels when she's not working.

    "It's been embedded in me since I was little: You're shamed if you don't want to keep up. As a child [entertainer], you're all pitted against one another, and other children are all about that grind too. It's a weird space to grow up in," Christina noted.

    Christina smiles as a teenager
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    Christina says that she experienced "a lot of trauma" in her childhood but believes it "was just part of [her] path."

    "No matter what I've been through — successes, childhood trauma, hardships — I still have a fighting spirit. I never want to stop learning and growing to be the best person I can be," Christina concluded.

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