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    Channing Tatum Didn't Leave Anything To The Imagination In An Almost-Naked Selfie

    "I'm flexing so hard I got a cramp."

    Channing Tatum is leaving little to the imagination on the set of his new movie...

    Channing smiles on a red carpet
    Tristar Media / Getty Images

    And if I didn't know any better, I would definitely assume he's getting ready for another Magic Mike sequel!

    The actor took to his Instagram story to share a full-on naked photo while getting ready to shoot a scene for The Lost City of D.

    Channing wears a suit at an event
    Taylor Hill / WireImage

    "You know when you in the makeup trailer asshole naked holding a towel over your junk, you about to do some shit on set that you gonna have to prepare ya mama for before she see the movie," he captioned the image.

    A mirror photo of Channing completely naked but covering his lower half with an emoji
    @channingtatum / Via Instagram: @channingtatum

    He also noted that, yes, he did get a cramp from flexing so hard for the photo.

    Giphy / Via

    Channing's upcoming action-packed rom-com also stars Sandra Bullock and is set to follow a romance novelist who is forced to go on a book tour with the hot cover model (obviously, Channing) for her latest release.

    Sandra on a red carpet
    Steve Granitz / WireImage,

    Things take a turn for the duo following a kidnapping attempt that leads them on a dangerous adventure and has them falling for each other.

    Channing's ultra-fit physique comes after months of hard work during the pandemic, during which he says he was "training every day."

    The Lost City of D is set to hit theaters in April 2022.

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