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    Camila Cabello Passed Out In The Middle Of The "Cinderella" Premiere

    "I’m sorry, I just passed out, but I’m back!"

    Camila Cabello found herself in a scary situation during the Cinderella premiere last night!

    Camila wears a diamond encrusted halter top to the premiere

    While giving a speech at the event, Camila says that she passed out before she could make it to the stage.

    "I’m sorry, I just passed out, but I’m back! I literally just passed out, and now I’m back and I’m ready to read my notes," Camila said to the crowd.

    Camila wears a black dress with plunging neckline and red poofy sleeves

    Although she didn't explain why or how it happened, she went on to speak about the movie, so it seems like everything was okay.

    "First of all! Thanks for being here. I wrote this down so I wouldn’t forget. All I can say is this was such an incredible experience," Camila said.

    Camila attends an event in a black strapless gown

    She continued, "I believed in this movie so much, that all I wanted was to enjoy it, and not fuck it up. And I’m happy I didn’t fuck it up. And I’m grateful for everybody who believed in me enough to give me the opportunity."

    Camila's updated version of the film, Cinderella is an ambitious young woman whose dressmaking dreams are bigger than her family and village will allow.

    Instead of chasing Prince Charming, Cinderella chases her dreams.

    Cinderella premieres on Amazon Prime on September 3.

    Hopefully Camila is feeling better now! Hear all that she had to say below.

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