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    Meet Bunny, The Talking Dog That TikTok Is Obsessed With

    This dog has a bigger vocabulary than most toddlers!

    Bunny the Sheepadoodle may seem like an ordinary dog but there's one major difference. She can talk...sort of!

    Over the past year, Bunny's owner Alexis Devine has been teaching her to use an intricate system of buttons with words or phrases to communicate — and it's working!

    Bunny now has over 70 buttons with words like "outside," "beach," "mom," and "water" organized into clusters of related phrases.

    Alexis originally got the idea to teach Bunny from a speech-language pathologist named Christina Hunger who had taught her own dog to "speak" in five word sentences.

    Bunny's first word was "outside," which was placed on a button by the door and pressed by Alexis anytime they went out.

    A young Bunny sits at the door next to a button
    @what_about_bunny / Via

    In just a few weeks, Bunny caught on!


    Baby Bunny button #RaiseYourVoice #BackyardVibes #whataboutbunny #fluentpet #talkingdog #outside #fypシ

    ♬ original sound - I am Bunny

    "Through a series on thousands of tiny reinforcements, she learns the meaning of each button," Alexis told Mashable.

    Bunny waits for her owner's response
    @what_about_bunny / Via

    Many of the duo's adorable interactions are documented on TikTok, which has caused Bunny to skyrocket to fame on the app.


    Sweet silly girl #PetStory #fyp #whataboutbunny #mydoggo #dogchallenge #dogsoftiktok #smartdog #sweetgirl #talkingdog #petstory #petlover #animal

    ♬ Summer Days - Martin Garrix / Macklemore / Patrick Stump

    Her most popular video has over 43 million views.

    On multiple occasions, Bunny has been able to point out when she was in pain:


    Check your doggy’s paws if you live in an area with foxtail #ouchie #talkingdog #cutedog #communication #doggyanthem

    ♬ original sound - I am Bunny

    She's even learning the concept of time and referencing past events, a cognitive skill that experts thought was not possible for dogs:


    It’s amazing to watch her explore these big concept words #doggyanthem #bunnythedog #WellDone #ShowUpShowOff

    ♬ original sound - I am Bunny

    And I was completely blown away by this conversation:


    There was zero percent chance I was going to be capable of saying no. #dogsoftiktok #smartdog #fypシ #talkingdog

    ♬ original sound - I am Bunny

    As of late, Bunny's been asking a lot of "why" questions:


    Make a for this trend so I can watch them all 🥺 #dogsoftiktok #fyp #bunnythedog #existentialcrisis

    ♬ original sound - I am Bunny

    And it's led to the creation of her own meme: Bunny's Existential Crisis.

    As for what's next for Bunny? Perhaps levitation:

    Follow Bunny's journey on TikTok here.

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