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    Brie Larson Announced She's Taking A Step Back From Her YouTube Channel, And She's Really Sad About It

    "I did not think that I would hit the one-year mark on this, to be quite honest."

    Brie Larson is taking a step back from her YouTube channel.

    Brie smiles in a silver one-shoulder dress at a premiere

    The Captain Marvel actor made the emotional announcement in a video commemorating her channel's one-year anniversary.

    Brie sits on her couch while putting her head in her hand, looking sad

    "I did not think that I would hit the one-year mark on this, to be quite honest. I didn’t know how I’d feel putting myself out there weekly in this way," Brie explained.

    Brie launched the channel in the middle of the pandemic and over the course of the past year has shared videos of everything from her nighttime routine to what she cooks in her air fryer.

    Brie holds a package of toaster strudels close to her while sitting next to her air fryer

    Brie noted that it seems "wild" that sharing herself with the world seemed "so scary" just a year ago and expressed how wonderful the experience has been.

    "I think some of you know that I started this channel, I started thinking about it before the pandemic, and it was because I needed to just like…I needed to shake it up. I needed to feel like I could just be silly and normal...and reveal more of myself," Brie said.

    Brie smiles big while sitting and wearing a black dress with a plunging neckline

    She continued, "It's the one-year anniversary, and at this exact time, I’m going to have to slow down on this. I can’t keep up on doing videos weekly. I’ve got to go back to my job. My first job. My acting job."

    Brie attends the Captain Marvel premiere

    And while Brie will be committing more of her time to acting, she says she'll be returning to YouTube when she gets a "spark of inspiration."

    "I am sad about it," Brie tearfully said, adding, "This is not the last video. I’m going to do more. It’s just not going to be able to be on a weekly schedule. I would love to keep making things. Keep collaborating with people."

    Meanwhile, Brie's podcast, Learning Lots, which she hosts with her best friend, Jessie, will be continuing on a biweekly schedule.

    "Thank you for joining me on this journey...I hope that you found joy in these videos because I found a lot of joy in making them," Brie concluded.

    Brie smiles in front of words that say I hope you feel happy and safe in your body

    Hear all that Brie had to say below.

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