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    Phoebe Dynevor And Regé-Jean Page Were Completely Surprised About The Reaction To The "Bridgerton" Burn For You Scene

    "You have no idea what lines people are going to care about."

    The stars of Bridgerton had an idea of which scenes would be a hit with audiences — but they were definitely surprised about one particular moment in the show!

    For Phoebe Dynevor and Regé-Jean Page, an obvious standout scene was Simon and Daphne’s wedding night, when the iconic "I burn for you" line was delivered.

    Phoebe and Rege-Jean pose together at an event

    "I remember reading it and thinking, 'Wow, this is the big one,' because not only is it the performances but the journey that we go from fighting and not being friends to the total other end of the spectrum," Phoebe told Variety.

    She added that the duo spent the entire "intense" day of filming at the secluded estate, where things got "quite emotional."

    But looking back on the memorable scene, Phoebe admitted she was so surprised to the reaction to her "burn for you" line.

    “You have no idea what lines people are going to care about. That was surprising to me. It wasn’t like I saw 'I burn for you' in the script and was like, 'This is what people are going to talk about,'" Phoebe explained.

    Meanwhile, Regé-Jean was just surprised that most people believe he's the one who said the line.

    And, as it is indeed Phoebe who spoke the line, she explained how she nailed her delivery.

    In case you want to go back and relive the moment, it all goes down during Bridgerton's fifth episode, "The Duke and I." Or you can optionally watch the entire scene below.

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