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    Brad Mondo Gave A Brutally Honest Review Of Charli D'Amelio's Hair Through The Years

    He didn't hold back.

    Charli D'Amelio just got the Brad Mondo treatment which included both the brutally honest hair reactions AND a Mondo Makeover.

    Charli took Brad on a trip down memory lane to check out all of her old hairstyles — and he had some pretty surprising things to say!

    Charli D'Amelio / Via

    And Charli had a surprising number of old hairstyles for being only 16!

    The duo started with Charli's first venture into hair experimentation, back when she was just 11. Brad wasn't impressed.

    Brad looks at a photo of Charli with blonde highlights
    Charli D'Amelio / Via

    "I don't understand this look because there's only one highlight," Brad commented.

    "Charli, did you actually ask the hairstylist to do one stripe? This is the weirdest hair color I've ever seen!"

    Brad looks at a photo of young Charli with curly hair and sporadic highlights
    Charli D'Amelio / Via

    Things didn't get better when Charli chopped her hair a few years later.

    Brad points out how deep Charli's hair part was in an old photo
    Charli D'Amelio / Via

    "Oh it's like a full on combover. Like let's go as deep as possible type of thing," Brad noted.

    Of course, Charli also happened to have had Brad's least favorite hair color of all time: violet red.

    Brad makes a sassy face while looking at Charli's old red hair
    Charli D'Amelio / Via

    "The worst kind of red is a violet red...I hate violet red. Everyone knows you use box dye to do violet red," Brad explained. Charli added, "Red doesn't look good on me and I learned that the hard way after like the fourth time."

    Charli saved the worst for last — the time she got the back of her head shaved at a barbershop:

    Brad gasps at a photo of Charli with a partially shaved head
    Charli D'Amelio / Via

    "Who did this to you? It's really bad...why are the lines all different sizes? Very lopsided...He went off."

    But for Charli's final look, he couldn't even be mad.

    Brad smiles at a photo of Charli with a half shaved head
    Charli D'Amelio / Via

    "I can't hate on this. You look so cute. She's so little and has a shaved side. I'm obsessed in the weirdest way possible. You looked adorable and hardcore."

    Hear all of Brad's hilarious commentary in the full vid:

    View this video on YouTube

    Charli D'Amelio / Via

    To make up for all of his sassy comments, Brad pretty much had to give Charli one of his signature Mondo Makeovers.

    Brad Mondo / Via

    And I have to say, it turned out AMAZING:

    Brad Mondo / Via

    Watch it all go down in the video below:

    View this video on YouTube

    Brad Mondo / Via

    What do you think of Charli's makeover and hair history? Let us know in the comments.

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