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    It Turns Out That We Might Not Have Beyoncé Without The Spice Girls

    "I think that's quite something."

    The Spice Girls left a lasting impression on basically anyone who turned on the radio in the late '90s — and that includes Beyoncé!

    The Spice Girls pose together while holding an award

    It turns out that Beyoncé was a big fan of the girl group and they actually inspired her own career.

    Beyoncé performs onstage in a white embellished outfit

    According to Posh Spice — aka Victoria Beckham — herself, Beyoncé once told her that she was really influenced by the British girl group.

    The Spice Girls hold hands while posing together

    "I met Beyoncé a few years ago, and she actually said to me, 'It was the Spice Girls that inspired me and made me want to do what I do, and made me proud to be a girl and proud to be who I am,'" Victoria said on the Breaking Beauty podcast.

    Beyoncé poses with her fellow Destiny's Child members in the early 2000s

    She added, "When someone like Beyoncé, who is so iconic and was such a strong woman, says that she was inspired by the Spice Girls, I think that's quite something."

    Beyoncé wears a gold off-the-shoulder dress to a premiere

    It makes sense that the group encouraged Beyoncé to be her true self because Victoria said that at the time, the Spice Girls were unafraid to do what they wanted.

    The Spice Girls hold up peace signs on a red carpet

    "I look at us all, and it makes me smile because we didn't care. Whether it was fashion or beauty, we didn't care. We wore what made us feel good," Victoria said on the podcast.

    She continued, "We weren't worried, 'Is this the newest, coolest?' We set trends because there was no fear."

    The Spice Girls sit on a pink fuzzy couch

    While Beyoncé hasn't spoken out about her appreciation for the Spice Girls yet, we can only hope that one day we'll get the ultimate girl power moment from everyone!