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    Ava Max Says She's Still Dealing With COVID-19 Side Effects A Year Later

    "So so happy my hair is growing back."

    Ava Max may have had COVID last year, but she's still dealing with some of the lingering side effects.

    A close up of Ava with long blonde hair

    The singer recently explained that after battling the illness, she experienced hair loss during her recovery process.

    Thankfully, her hair is finally starting to grow back, which she showed off in an Instagram story during a recent vacation.

    A selfie of Ava with her hair slightly messy in beach waves

    "Baby hairs Comin THRU. Also so so happy my hair is growing back. I lost a lot of hair when I had COVID last year!!" Ava wrote.

    A close up of Ava's hair line where small baby hairs can be seen

    While it's not often discussed, the American Academy of Dermatology confirms that hair shedding can be a consequence of the virus, resulting from a high fever.

    The American Academy of Dermatology Association website which states people develop noticeable hair loss after recovering

    It reportedly begins two to three months after the fever subsides and can last for as long as nine months before it stops.

    Close up of a brush with loose hair in it on a pink background

    Thankfully, hair tends to return to normal on its own over time — just as Ava showcased.

    Here's to hoping that Ava isn't experiencing any other long-term effects of the virus.