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    Here's How Australians React When They Spot A Kangaroo In Their Front Yard

    Not sure I would be this brave!

    Kangaroos may look cute and cuddly from a distance, but TBH they can be absolutely jacked.

    A kangaroo approaches a camera with extremely large arm muscles
    @jayprehistoricpets/ / Via

    And for Australians, coming face-to-face with the bulked up marsupials can be pretty common — and they're pretty casual about the whole thing!

    Nat Geo Wild/Giphy / Via

    In fact, some even grabbed their phone to record their encounter! Here are some Aussies getting up close and personal with kangaroos...

    1. These guys were just passing through on their way to work too.

    2. This kangaroo definitely didn't have a reservation.

    3. I'm guessing Matt is a regular at this bar.

    4. I have no idea what's happening here, but it's very Australian.

    5. Even Aussie dogs have no fear.


    My dog being very brave behind the backyard fence 😆#aussielife #kangaroo #strayamate #fyp #australia

    ♬ Down Under - Men At Work

    6. This lil' guy just let himself in through the front door.


    Unwanted houseguests? Or Frankie deciding it’s not time to leave home yet? 💚🌿 🦘 #meanwhileinaustralia #adelaide #australia #POV #rescue #kangaroo

    ♬ original sound - Adelaide Wildlife Rehab

    7. Who needs a gardener when you have Wilbur?

    8. This guy was just stopping by for a quick visit.

    9. Only in Australia does your roomie bring home a kangaroo.

    10. Everyone needs some puppy cuddles every once in a while.

    11. This kangaroo is like, "Excuse me, sir, may I come inside?"

    12. Rufus is getting pretty comfy on this couch.

    13. Skip got a little off track on his way home.


    Skip can’t find his way home from the pub. Wife’s gonna be mad. #australia #kangaroo

    ♬ original sound - Ilda

    14. This little girl isn't even phased by her backyard friends.