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Austin Butler Explained Why His Girlfriend Kaia Gerber Wasn't By His Side At The Oscars

"Austin swerved that Kaia question real quick."

Austin Butler just had one of the biggest nights of his career, and his girlfriend Kaia Gerber was MIA.

A closeup of Kaia and Austin

When Austin stepped out to celebrate his Best Actor nomination at the Oscars yesterday, he notably walked the carpet solo.

A full length shot of Austin walking the Oscars carpet

It turns out that Kaia was not his invited guest, and instead, he had brought his longtime agent, James Farrell.

Austin smiles while standing next to James

During a red carpet interview with Ashley Graham, Austin was asked about Kaia's whereabouts — and he basically avoided the question.

@butlerbliss_ / ABC / Via Twitter: @butlerbliss_

"I've got my best friend here with me, who is also my agent," Austin said during the pre-show.

A closeup of Austin

He continued, "And I owe my career to him, so as a thank you, I wanted him to be by my side tonight."

Austin and James sit next to each other in the audience and turn to talk to someone behind them

The whole thing felt a little awkward to some viewers, especially considering the camera panned to Austin's ex Vanessa Hudgens shortly after:

Not Ashley Graham asking Austin Butler where Kaia is when her literal cohost is Vanessa Hudgens😭😭

@officialcnud / Via Twitter: @officialcnud

ashley graham scaring the daylight out of austin with the kaia question 😭😭

@cherrylipsgo / Via Twitter: @cherrylipsgo

Austin swerved that Kaia question real quick 😭

@Jordaylaxclana / Via Twitter: @Jordaylaxclana

not austin taking his best friend over kaia 💀 #TheOscars

@shipsandshows / Via Twitter: @shipsandshows

While some fans thought that the couple may have even broken up, Kaia and Austin proved them all wrong later in the night.

Austin smiles and waves on the carpet

Following the conclusion of the Oscars ceremony, the couple hit the red carpet together at the Vanity Fair afterparty.

Austin and Kaia look and each other and smile

And not only did they walk the red carpet — but they looked really happy together!

A closeup of Kaia and Austin

Fingers crossed for more cute red carpet moments from Kaia and Austin!