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Aubrey Plaza's Stylist Is Defending Her SAG Awards Dress Following That Awkward Onstage Moment

"Did seven fittings...for real."

Aubrey Plaza's dress at the SAG Awards was exactly how her stylist envisioned — no matter what other people had to say.

A closeup of Aubrey

Over the weekend, Aubrey stepped out in a custom Michael Kors Collection dress — and not everyone loved it.

A full length photo of Aubrey in her dress on the red carpet

Thanks to a crisscrossed neckline and cutout, some of Aubrey's midriff was exposed, including underneath her boobs.

A closeup of Aubrey showing the cut out portion of her dress

While the look received some criticism, it also seemingly confused Aubrey's White Lotus costar Jon Gries who suggested she "might want to fix" her exposed underboob while they were on stage accepting an award.

Aubrey stands among her costars on stage and Jon appears to be speaking to her

Although Jon was just trying to be helpful, the comment appeared to have affected Aubrey, who looked a little uncomfortable on stage.

Aubrey looks concerned and places a hand over her chest on stage

But despite Jon's comment, Aubrey's stylist Jessica Paster says the dress was exactly how it was supposed to be.

Aubrey poses with her hand on her hip on the red carpet

"Did 7 fittings...for real...I wanted underboob," Jessica said in an Instagram comment.

A screenshot of Jessica's comment

In an interview with WWD, Jessica also noted that she was looking for something "sexy, current, and modern" — and thought Michael Kors got it "exactly right."

Aubrey poses between two other actresses while inside the show

Meanwhile, Aubrey previously said that she was a big fan of the dress and that she loved how she looked.

Aubrey poses from behind while looking over her shoulder

"We were trying to encapsulate a modern '70s vibe," she shared with Vogue. "I loved the beautiful brown color of the dress and the sexy cutouts. It felt sexy but not overdone. Glamorous and chic."

A full length photo of Aubrey in her dress on the red carpet

I'd have to agree that Aubrey definitely looked glamorous and chic!