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    Ariana Grande's Arm Tattoos Are Suddenly Gone, And Fans Are Confused

    I have a feeling they'll be coming back.

    There's a new mystery plaguing the internet, and it's all about Ariana Grande's tattoos!

    Ariana shows off her back tattoo while posing in a tutu dress at the Grammys

    More specifically, where exactly have a lot of her tattoos gone??

    When the first photos from Ariana's wedding were released, fans immediately noticed that some of her signature tattoos were missing.

    And maybe she just didn't want her Eevee the Pokémon tat to take away from the elegant simplicity of her dress.

    Ariana's Eevee tattoo can be seen while she holds her arm up

    While many fans attributed Ariana's disappearing tattoos on her wedding day to some really excellent concealer, her recent appearance on the iHeartRadio Music Awards left fans with more questions.

    Ariana performs with no tattoos in sight

    Like, why were her tattoos STILL missing??

    No Pokémon or butterfly arm tattoos in sight.

    Ariana's arms are bare while performing at the show

    Did she permanently remove the collection of tattoos??

    Ariana stands next to The Weeknd while performing

    The last time Ariana shared a glimpse of her arm tats was three weeks ago in a series of Instagram stories:

    And while Ariana could have started the process to remove her tattoos since then, it definitely takes a lot longer than three weeks for them to completely vanish.

    So in my super-professional journalistic opinion, Ariana didn't remove her tattoos...and just maybe the cover-up she used on her wedding day was a lot more waterproof than she thought!

    Case least until Ariana says something about this all.