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Anthony Ramos And His Fiancée, Jasmine Cephas Jones, Have Split Amid A Viral TikTok Video That Accused Him Of Cheating

Does this mean the TikTok was true??

Hamilton stars Anthony Ramos and Jasmine Cephas Jones have reportedly ended their engagement.

Anthony and Jasmine attend an event together

Anthony and Jasmine first met during rehearsals for the hit show before it was even on Broadway and announced their engagement in early 2019.

The news of their split, which has yet to be confirmed by the couple, comes just a day after a TikTok alleged that Anthony was at a strip club with another woman.

Anthony and Jasmine attend an event together

The viral TikTok, which has been seen over a million times, was posted by @dearjane1, an account which shares anonymous stories about celebrities.


Both of them were apparently super nice and sweet 💗 Maybe he didn’t make things official yet? #storytime #story #celeb #tea

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In the reenactment of the alleged situation, the TikTok explained that a dancer at the club spotted the two "sitting onstage, tipping the dancers, and being all over each other."

A TikTok screenshot where a woman recreating the situation throws money in front of a stripper pole

The dancer explained that she recognized the man and googled him, only to discover he was engaged to his longtime girlfriend — who was definitely not the woman with him.

Anthony and Jasmine attend an event together

While the video never said Anthony by name, it did include a redacted People article about the couple.

A screenshot of the redacted article

The TikTok also included a blurry snippet of footage from inside the club, where a man and woman could be seen sitting close to the stage.

A man and woman sit close together in a video taken from above but it is hard to identify the people

It's unclear if Anthony and Jasmine split before or after the events in the TikTok (or if it's even true), but several outlets are now reporting that the pair have definitely gone their separate ways.

Anthony and Jasmine attend an event together