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Anna Faris Admitted How She Feels About Ex Chris Pratt And His Wife Katherine Schwarzenegger

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt split in 2017 after eight years of marriage.

Anna Faris is looking forward to the future with her ex-husband Chris Pratt.

A closeup of Anna and Chris

Back in 2017, the couple, who share 10-year-old son Jack, announced they were separating after eight years of marriage.

Anna, Chris and Jack pose together on the Hollywood walk of fame

Since then, a lot has changed for the duo — with Chris marrying Katherine Schwarzenegger and Anna eloping with cinematographer Michael Barrett.

A closeup of Chris and Katherine

Now, several years after their split, Anna says her relationship with Chris is in a good place, and things are getting easier for them.

A closeup of Anna and Chris

"We’re all getting much closer, and I so appreciate that," Anna told People of her relationship with Chris and Katherine.

A closeup of Anna

She continued, "They’re very protective of me, and I want to be very protective of them. I so appreciate their support."

Anna added that she thinks Katherine is "awesome" and believes she has a great relationship with Jack.

A closeup of Katherine

"She’s just on top of it. I love how she is with Jack," Anna said of Katherine, who now shares two children with Chris.

While the entire blended family won't be able to spend Thanksgiving together this year, Anna has hope that it's something that will happen in the future.

A closeup of Anna

"We won't have this Thanksgiving together, but I do hope that we can celebrate holidays. And I do think we can," Anna said.

A closeup of Anna and Chris

She continued, "I'm happy with that element. And it feels just much easier now that time has passed. It feels really good to not live with that internal churning of unpleasantness."

A closeup of Anna

It's so nice to hear Chris and Anna are in a good place — and fingers crossed for many happy holidays together to come!