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    Angelina Jolie Has A Brand New Tattoo And Its Placement Seems Like It Might Have To Do With Brad Pitt

    This placement is too suspicious.

    Angelina Jolie just debuted some new ink — and it seems to have a special meaning behind it.

    Angelina smiles while wearing a pleated lilac top

    During a recent trip to New York City, the actor and humanitarian put her tatted arms on display, including all the meaningful ink we've seen before.

    Angelina wears a white tee and grey skirt while out in New York City

    Of course, there was a peek at her coordinates tattoo dedicated to her children as well as her "determination" Arabic script ink.

    Angelina sits at a table with her arm tattoos visible

    But fans definitely noticed the new delicate script on her inner arm that reads, "Eppur si muove."

    A closeup of Angelina's tattoo

    The Italian phrase translates to "And yet it moves," which can be attributed to astronomer Galileo Galilei.

    Angelina wears a strapless black dress to an event

    While it's up for debate whether Galileo uttered those exact words, the phrase is often seen as his defiant assertion that the truth would one day prevail.

    Angelina looks serious while posing in a silver dress with sheer sleeves

    And it just so happens that Angelina's new ink is right above the matching wedding tattoo she got with ex Brad Pitt.

    A close-up with arrows pointing to the two tattoos next to each other

    The former couple had a Rumi quote jointly tattooed, which reads, "There exists a field, beyond all notions of right and wrong. I will meet you there."

    Angelina poses with Brad at an old event

    Although Angelina hasn't admitted any connection between the two pieces of artwork, it definitely is an interesting choice of placement.

    Angelina looks at the camera while wearing a black sheer top

    Especially considering she had a ton of room elsewhere to showcase her appreciation for Galileo.

    An arrow points out all the other space Angelina has for tattoos on her arms

    And it turns out that Angelina isn't the only one to get new ink notably close to her wedding tat. Brad, too, filled in the nearby space with more artwork.

    Angelina and Brad look serious at an old event

    While I don't think we'll ever know the true meaning behind their new tats, it definitely makes you think twice about getting matching tats with anyone!