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    Andrew Garfield Always Looks Good On The Red Carpet And Here Is Photographic Proof

    How does he always look so good??

    Andrew Garfield has always looked good on the red carpet, but as of late, he's really stepped up his game.

    A closeup of Andrew

    From leather blazers to baby blue suits to wide leg trousers, this man really knows what he's doing.

    Take a look back at some of his best red carpet moments...

    1. Not many people can pull off a baby blue suit, but it was NBD for Andrew.

    Andrew wears a light blue suit

    2. This velvet suit Andrew wore to the Critics Choice Awards was incredible.

    Andrew wears a black velvet suit with wide leg pants

    3. I never knew you could mix so many shades of beige until Andrew pulled this off seamlessly.

    Andrew wears beige wide leg pants and a lighter beige blazer

    4. Andrew took this black suit to the next level with a super wide lapel and asymmetrical tie.

    Andrew wears a black suit with wide silk lapels

    5. The purple blazer and matching glasses? I'm sold.

    Andrew wears a purple blazer and brown flare pants

    6. This pinstripe suit was just too good.

    Andrew wears a pinstripe suit with wide leg pants

    7. Andrew opted for a turquoise suit and baby blue shirt here and it totally worked.

    Andrew wears a turquoise suit and light blue shirt

    8. I'm obsessed with this leather blazer.

    Andrew wears a leather blazer and skinny jeans

    9. This silk shirt/checkered pants/loafers look shouldn't have worked but it totally did.

    Andrew wears grey flare pants and a brown silk button down

    10. When in doubt, Andrew adds some plaid to his 'fit.

    Andrew wears a plaid blazer and navy pants

    11. Andrew opted for a collar pin instead of a tie with this maroon suit, and it made things much more interesting.

    Andrew wears a maroon suit

    12. A brown suit has never looked so good. I mean, look at that detail around the cuff!

    Andrew wears a brown suit with silk cuffs

    13. Andrew completely rocked this head-to-toe Gucci look.

    Andrew wears beige pants and a black and white bomber jacket

    14. This double breasted blazer helped elevate a simple grey suit.

    Andrew wears a grey suit

    15. This tuxedo was a perfect fit for Andrew.

    Andrew wears a black tuxedo

    16. Andrew made a bold statement in this plaid suit, but he really pulled it off.

    Andrew wears a grey and blue plaid suit

    17. Andrew's Tom Ford velvet cocktail jacket was the star of the show at the 2018 Met Gala!

    Andrew wears red velvet tuxedo with black pants

    18. And finally, this double breasted plaid blazer was the perfect piece to take Andrew's outfit to the next level.

    Andrew wears brown and red plaid jacket and black pants