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    Here's Why Amanda Seyfried Had To Cover Her Dress Up With A Jacket At The Critics Choice Awards

    "I'm just gonna take it off, it keeps ripping."

    Amanda Seyfried may have looked stunning at the Critics Choice Awards — but her dress was honestly a struggle.

    A closeup of Amanda

    When she hit the red carpet in an archival Dior gown, Amanda quickly realized that it was basically falling apart.

    A full length of Amanda in the dress

    The dress was crafted from a single piece of twisted, fringed gold lamé chiffon, making it incredibly delicate.

    Amanda holds out the skirt of the dress

    By the time Amanda got to the interview portion of the red carpet, she was ready to ditch her dress entirely.

    Amanda makes a concerned face on the carpet

    "It keeps breaking. I'm not kidding, it keeps ripping. It's actually like breaking," Amanda said during an interview with Access Hollywood.

    A shoulder of the dress slips off during an interview

    She even joked that she was "just going to take off" the entire dress.

    Amanda trying to step in the dress

    "It's fine, it's fine. It literally is. It's fine," Amanda added. "Honestly, it's old! It's beautiful!"

    A closeup of Amanda

    Later in the night, Amanda took the stage to accept an award — and at one point could be seen gripping the back of her dress.

    Amanda holds the back of her dress while walking on stage

    Ultimately, Amanda decided to put a jacket on over her dress to avoid any potential wardrobe malfunctions!

    Amanda wears a black jacket over her dress while standing on stage

    You can hear all that Amanda had to say about her dress below.

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